New Video! – The Burning Wheel: GM Prep #2 The Burning Wheel: GM Prep #2

Tonight, I prep for Monday’s session of my Burning Wheel campaign! Lots of talk about Beliefs, NPCs, and how to use them to get all the players tangled up in the situation. — Watch live at


New Video! – Shaun Plays: The Burning Wheel, Part 1 Shaun Plays: The Burning Wheel, Part 1

The Burning Wheel, Part 1

A young barbarian woman has killed a local farmer in self-defense. The mob demands justice, and the local ruler – Dominus Numerius Lurco – would happily shed her blood to placate the people.
Standing between them are the Dominus’ younger brother, Aldwin, a barbarian sorceress called Fianna, Yezzi the widow of the former ruler, and Colin, a priest with a shady past.

GM: Shaun Hayworth –
Yezzi: Kristin Sullivan –
Aldwin: Dustin Mowry
Colin: Matt Glover –
Fianna: Nicole Glover –

— Watch live at

New Video! – Torment: Tides of Numenera, Part 4 Torment: Tides of Numenera, Part 4

Being the fourth part of the journey of the Last Castoff through the Ninth World.

Today, we spent pretty much a whole hour with the Order of Truth. Also, lots of silly voices. Also also, a puzzle that I did not have the brainpower to solve tonight. — Watch live at

New Video! – Torment: Tides of Numenera, Part 3 Torment: Tides of Numenera, Part 3

Being the third part of the Last Castoff’s journey through the Ninth World.

We saved Ris from his death sentence, but he wasn’t very happy with Tybir. Also, I did silly voices for the whole game, and will likely continue to do so. — Watch live at

New Video! – Dungeons & Dragons: Cuse of Strahd, Part 20 Dungeons & Dragons: Cuse of Strahd, Part 20

The party journeys to the Amber Temple, high in the Barovian mountains. It’s cold af, and we kill some vrocks and flameskulls. — Watch live at

If you’re wondering where eps 18 & 19 are, they were recorded, but the sound wasn’t streaming for some reason. I pulled them down, because, y’know, no sound.

GM: Matt Glover (
Fargim: Shaun Hayworth (
Nizira: Sam Tlustos (
Yarissa: Haley Rose (
Keryth: Matt Frederickson (

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