Lights in the Darkness

My friend, Sean Nittner, has been running a pieced together series of sessions of Torchbearer, the forthcoming dungeon crawl RPG from Thor Olavsrud and Luke Crane. We’re going through the Temple of Elemental Evil and It. Is. Awesome.

There’s an amazing amount of fun to be had in trying to piece together how the game works from the character sheets, bits and pieces of mechanics that get discussed in interviews and the Mouse Guard rules which Torchbearer is based on.

The biggest thing is that it’s done a great job of scratching a particular itch that I’ve been having – to delve into dungeons and make off with as much loot as I can – while still using mechanics that promote the style of play that I find satisfying in the regular games that I play. Also, Sean’s a fantastic GM, which certainly helps to cover the gaps in what we know about the system.

Y’all should go check out Sean’s AP posts on his blog, even the non-Torchbearer or Burning Wheel ones. He’s one of the only people I know that can make almost any system work for him, and it’s worth looking over the many diverse games that Sean runs and plays in.